About The Owner Melissa

I was born in Ohio and grew up in Missouri where left (escaped) right after High School to join the Air Force for 6 years. I then went to culinary School in Pittsburgh and moved to Boise in 96 for a better quality of life. After moving to Boise I was in the restaurant business and opened both Old Chicago locations and after four years decided that I needed a change... I literally met my future husband the next week and we started a landscape company that we ran successfully until 2014 when unfortunately we divorced and I was out to start a new career again.

I knew a friend that wanted to sell his gutter business and I thought why not...if I can learn and run a landscape business why not a gutter Business? I was in the process of purchasing an established gutter company and it when it became clear that was not an option I went on my own. I had run a successful business in the past so seemed like that natural thing for me to do. I opened Gutters R Us in 2016 and have been steadily growing ever since. I am a hands on kind of owner and am on almost all of my jobs. We started out just doing gutter but have quickly expanded to siding, fascia and soffit replacement. It has kind of became my knitch giving much needed facelifts to older homes. I believe this is what sets me apart for all my competition. We are a family run business since I moved my brother Les out to Boise from Cleveland who is a master carpenter to be my head installer. I love to work with people and making their homes look and feel new again.

If I was going to give anybody advise on gutters I think that it would be how important they are to the interior and exterior of any home. First to keep water away from the home and foundation but also to the fascia, soffit and siding. And if you had ice dams in the winter of 2015 then your gutters are not working properly and we saw what kind of damage that does to the roof, gutters, soffit and the paint on the fascia under the gutters. We can cover all of that damage to the wood and you will never have to paint again and it also prevents further water damage.

I love Boise and all that it has to offer- Hiking my dogs, golfing, rafting and time with my family that have migrated out here from the midwest - I have two brother and a sister in law that both live here and three beautiful nieces that if I'm lucky let me hang out with them!