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Melissa's crew was amazing!! Called her out to fix a problem area, and she flat out stated that we needed more gutters than we currently had. We didn't realize that our house was missing gutter in areas it needed it! Melissa's crew covered our fascia and installed new gutters all around our home. It looks AMAZING!! Now we have to get the house painted so it looks just as good as the new fascia and gutters! LOL!!

Her crew were very courteous and helpful in answering our questions. They even showed me the problem area that prompted our call and what they needed to do to fix it. Took about 2 days to complete the job, but this was due to the precision that was taken to ensure our fascia looked good and the gutters hung properly, and not to mention the problem area where soffit and fascia needed replacing.

I HIGHLY recommend Gutters R Us Boise!! Now she is helping my father in-law in getting his gutter covers he's been wanting.

Melissa gives it to you straight and is very blunt about what needs to be done or not done. We like her honesty and wish more companies were like her!


Maria Montoya